Making this simple change could help to stop overeating 4 years ago

Making this simple change could help to stop overeating

Anything to stop us gorging on doughnuts (and Nutella and pizza and the rest).

There are numerous tips and tricks to help avoid binge-eating but I've yet to find one that will help me say no to double helpings of cake.


In saying that, the below advice actually makes sense, if I can remember to put it into practice.

Brandon Nguyen, the founder of healthy living site ChillPill, recently cited his top tip to cut out overeating in a question and answer thread featured on Quora.

He says:

"One simple way to eat more deliberately and slowly is to force yourself to eat with your non-dominant hand. It might be too much to do this for every meal, but trying it for dinner to start since that’s when we tend to eat the most.

The reason for this is that it takes more time to eat, which gives your stomach a chance to signal your brain that you’re full".


It's not just Brandon either as hypnotherapist and psychotherapist Susan Hepburn, who's an expert on healthy living, agrees with his views.



Speaking to Cosmopolitan, she said:

"Research has shown that eating with your non-dominant hand can reduce the amount you eat by around 30 per cent. This action actively disrupts the established patterns of how you eat.

"It’s not just inconvenient, it makes you think. Such as: “am I hungry?” If the answer is no, you stop eating".

It might not take a while to train yourself into eating this way but it's definitely worth a try.