So it seems that most men manscape (and the reason why is unsurprising) 5 years ago

So it seems that most men manscape (and the reason why is unsurprising)

Trim on, trimmers.

The modern man is a man who looks after himself. If that means spending an extra few minutes checking himself out in the mirror, so be it.


Men aren't afraid anymore to say that they look after themselves and try their best to enhance their appearance as much as possible.

It comes then as no surprise that men spend almost one hour a day on grooming and are now looking into the mirror as much as their female counterparts.

According to Metro, 80 percent of men have admitted to manscaping which is the art of trimming or shaping your pubic hair.

Of those who admitted to doing this action, one in ten said they did so because it made their manhood look that bit larger.


As well as that, 70 percent of men under the age of 35 said they took at least two naked selfies a week and nearly two in every five admitted that they had sent a promiscuous photo to the wrong person.

On average, men fork out nearly €800 a year on their look which comes to just over €50,000 in their lifetime.

That's a lot of money spent on treating yourself.


Manscaping was not the most popular treat on the list, however. Teeth whitening proved to be the most general act among those surveyed followed closely by tanning and getting their eyebrows done.

As tempting as manscaping may seem, it has been proven that it boosts your chances of getting an STI.

According to NPR, "people who have 'mowed the lawn' at least once in their lifetimes were nearly twice as likely to say they had had at least one STD. And 'extreme groomers' – those who remove all their pubic hair more than 11 times each year — were more than four times as likely to have had an infection."