Man and pigeon collide on high-speed rollercoaster and it's all caught on video 5 years ago

Man and pigeon collide on high-speed rollercoaster and it's all caught on video

Let me tell you a story...

Years ago, I went to Florida with my family and we went around and visited pretty much all of the theme parks going.


In one of them, myself and my sister sat up the very front of the roller coaster, and when we reached the precipice, our bit of the coaster tipped over the edge of the peak, and showed us the drop ahead of us.

Suddenly, my sister realised that she had a chewing gum in her mouth, and fearing she might choke on it when the ride hit full speed, she decided to spit it out.

Trying to instil more fear in her, I told my sister that the gum would probably get caught up in the gears of the roller coaster and send us all plummeting to our deaths.

Unfortunately, two very young children in the seats behind us overheard my joke and began to completely freak out, screaming that the roller coaster was going to come off the tracks.


This spread all the way to the back of the roller coaster, with nobody having any real idea why they were freaking out, but certain than death was imminent, and then the roller coaster dropped over the edge, and everyone on board (excluding myself and my sister) lost their minds to fear for the next 45 seconds or so, until we all arrived safe back at the start of the ride again, not entirely sure what had just happened.

I tell you this story because this poor guy, while attempting to enjoy the opening of new Spanish theme park Ferrari Land (he's wearing a suit and everything) gets zonked in the neck with a pigeon.

The video goes back in slow motion, so you get to see him go through the full roller-coaster (hey-o!) of emotions as it slowly dawns on him what has just happened.



Clip via ValeRocks