Man shows women how to defend themselves while wearing acrylics 3 weeks ago

Man shows women how to defend themselves while wearing acrylics

A true ally.

As entertaining as TikTok can be, it can also be a place with more educational videos than we'd like to think.


One man on the social media app has shown women that they can defend themselves in any situation, no matter what length their nails are.

As most of us know, doing a lot of things with long nails can be a challenge and while we've mastered most of them, making a fist is hard and painful.

DutchintheUSA on TikTok works with the Royal Marine and has shown his followers who might find themselves in a situation where they need, how to throw a punch without stabbing your palm with your nails and doing more damage.

@dutchintheusa Throwing a punch with acrylics on #womenssafety #selfdefense #safetytips #learnontiktok #FlauntItChallenge ♬ original sound - Dutchintheusa

"In my last video you saw my rolling up my fingers like this to create a fist. Obviously, you can’t do that [with acrylics] and it hurts very, very much," he said.

Showing viewers how to hit with your palm rather than your knuckles, he also shows an effective way of using the side of your hand, both by tucking your fingers halfway and not fully curving them.


Assuring everyone watching that they still work, it means you also don't get hurt while defending yourself.

And women were hopping straight into the comments of the video to thank him for showing them this technique.

One user wrote: "This man really went out and got a full set for educational purposes & our well being. King behaviour."

Another wrote: "Not all heroes wear capes... some wear acrylics."


A third said: "When someone says 'not all men', I know they're talking about him and only him."

Another user added: "I was going to be a bit eye-rolly, but then I thought, while a lot of people know how to get around nails, a lot also don’t and it’s the act of a genuine ally to put the nails on and demonstrate. They’re also helpful techniques if you hurt your knuckles with a first punch."

And this isn't all he does, this man has a TikTok full of ways women can stay safe and protect themselves.