Meet Frozen's Biggest Superfan... Aged 21 6 years ago

Meet Frozen's Biggest Superfan... Aged 21

Twenty one-year-old Kirsty Taylor says that Disney movie Frozen has taken over her life.

Appearing on ITV's This Morning, Yorkshire native Kirsty said that the film helped her through a very tough time.


"At the time I was suffering from severe depression and locked away in my room.

"Elsa's character inspired me, she gave me hope. She was battling demons like I was battling my own. I know it's a film but I thought if she can do it, I can" said Kirsty.

The former drama student works as a sales rep for the Disney store but has also set up a business where she dresses as Elsa for children's parties.

Kirsty said she was a fan before even seeing the film, telling show hosts Philip and Christine: "I was obsessed from the trailers. I remember seeing the trailers and being desperate to go to the cinema to see it because I was so excited".

In a recent interview with The Sun, Kirsty described Princess Elsa as a role model, saying "She is my ultimate role model. I don't know what I'd do without Frozen. It's taken over all aspects of my life".

Considering Kirsty has a a dog named Elsa and gets her boyfriend to dress up as Frozen character Kristoff on occasion, we definitely think she has achieved super fan status.