Study reveals most couples don't want to do this one thing 4 years ago

Study reveals most couples don't want to do this one thing

If your new partner isn’t keen on making things ‘Facebook official’, don’t worry just yet.

A new poll has shown 40 percent of twenty-somethings choose not to put “in a relationship” on their profile.


While some people may have added the status when they originally set up their Facebook account while seeing someone, the new trend is to take the relationship off the online radar.

According to the poll conducted by Buzzfeed, 43 percent of people said they would never consider changing their relationship status, with 41% of all respondents saying they had opted not to make the relationship ‘Facebook official’ despite being in a serious relationship.

While 31 percent of people believe the move is a healthy step in a relationship, 43 percent cite the move as ‘too cheesy’ for why they don’t list their partner online.

For those suspicious types, it’s not all good news, with 11% of people not wanting certain people to know they are romantically linked to a better half, and 3 percent admitting they use the site for ‘shady’ romantic endeavours outside their relationship.


While it’s definitely up to each individual, maybe have a chat with your other half if it starts bothering you…