This is how much money we spend going out over the Christmas season 1 year ago

This is how much money we spend going out over the Christmas season

Christmas time is probably the busiest time of the year.

While summer can be hectic for going out and enjoying the long days, everything with Christmas is packed into a few weeks.

Every Christmas party, dinner, night out and meet up is basically carried out within a month - so it's safe to say we end up spending a lot of money.

Well, Bank of Ireland did some research and found that the average person will spend about €267 on dinners, takeaways and taxis during the festive period.

But that's not all we're spending on - a lot of us are very cheeky and when buying presents for others decide to buy a little something for ourselves too.

A massive 7 out of 1o people will self-gift during Christmas - because treat yo'self, right?

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31 percent of us set a budget before going out gift shopping, but then another third will spend more than intended. 69 percent of us will actively seek out bargains though. So, it's pretty give and take.

Drinks, Christmas Eve jammies and Christmas Day outfits are what most of us spend our money on however a lot of us (30 percent) are on the lookout for cashback offers.

The research also states that 1 in 5 will find themselves shopping last-minute... but we all know what a pain that can be so try your best to get it all done before Christmas Eve, yeah?

*Runs out Christmas Eve buying presents for mum*