This is how much sex you 'should' be having based on your age 4 years ago

This is how much sex you 'should' be having based on your age

The results are in!

The Journal of Sex Research has published new information on just how often certain age groups are getting busy between the sheets.


And the findings might surprise you...

According to the data gathered, people under the age of 30 typically have sex twice a week – about 112 times a year.

Those in the 30 to 39 category are likely to get intimate less frequently – about 1.6 times per week, or 86 times a year.


Then those who are aged between 40 and 49 have sex only 69 times per year, about half the amount of those in the 18 to 29 category.

They found the reason why people have less sex as the get older is not just down to physical factors but emotional ones too.

physical attribute

Commenting on the research, Dr Justin Lehmiller said: “Those who feel older and have more negative attitudes toward aging are likely to perceive the sharpest declines in the quality of their sex lives."


“At the same time, the younger people feel, the more likely they are to maintain high sexual satisfaction as they get older – or at least they’ll experience a much less noticeable change" he added.

And according to sex experts, they believe that discussing health-related sexual difficulties in the context of a relationship or seeking medical help if problems do arise, could make the biggest difference in improving sexual health and relationships.

Therefore it looks like the younger you feel and the more open you are about any bedroom woes with your partner, the better it will shape your sexual experiences. Noted!