Mum blogger goes into graphic detail about her "broken vagina" 3 years ago

Mum blogger goes into graphic detail about her "broken vagina"

Tales of a broken vagina.

Australian mum blogger, Zoe George, who you'll find over at The Subtle Mummy, has shared a lengthy post where she describes the process that led to her broken vagina. Her words and not ours, note.


The mother of two has shared the story of when she gave birth to her first child and although it is pretty intense, it must be noted that labour is different for every woman.

Describing her vagina as a "hamburger" post-birth, she goes into considerable detail about the pain, which caused problems with urinating, breastfeeding and having sex.

However, all's well that ends well with Zoe going on to have a second baby and describing it as "amazing, gentle and so beautiful".

Fam bam ? #love

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Anyway, if you want to read the post in full, you can do so here but be warned it's not pretty and Zoe does not hold any information back.

Zoe also notes that she received some backlash on a previous post where she discussed her pelvic floor and she recommends reading this before you read the one about the "broken vagina".

Main image via Instagram: The Subtle Mummy