Nearly half of men think 36 is "too old" for women to have a baby in UK 1 year ago

Nearly half of men think 36 is "too old" for women to have a baby in UK

They think the age bracket is "too old" for women but "about right" for men...

A survey has revealed that a large number of men think 36 is too old for women to have a baby.


The poll, by YouGov, showed the vast differences in opinion between men and women when it comes to the ideal age to have children.

The general consensus of those surveyed was that mid-twenties to early thirties was the best age to have children, but men and women differed greatly on the ages they felt were too old for women specifically to have a baby.

Though 57 per cent of women felt that the ages of 36-40 were "about right" to become a mother, 46 per cent – nearly half – of men said this was "too old."

Funnily enough, the same didn't apply to men's opinion on becoming fathers in this age bracket.


Just 21 per cent saw the ages of 36-40 as "too old" for men to become a father at, with a whopping 71 per cent saying this age bracket was "about right."

Double-standards between men and women? We're shocked we tell you, shocked!

Unsurprisingly, women are expectedly quite frustrated at the findings, with many taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on the poll and whether or not they think these men's opinions are relevant. Most, of course, do not.