The most 'nerve-racking' sex position has been named and we'd have to agree 3 years ago

The most 'nerve-racking' sex position has been named and we'd have to agree

We'd give anything a go once but we reckon you'd need to be in training for weeks to pull this off.

Blame it on porn, the increasing mainstream popularity of erotic fiction or whatever else you like, but it can seem that everyone is having more interesting sex than you.


Happily, it'd appear that we are al just as apprehensive about trying some of the more adventurous sex positions out there as each other.

The standing-up 69 has just been named as the most nerve-racking position in a survey and we're not a bit surprised.

The position, which involves one partner standing and holding the other upside-down while they perform oral on one another, sounds more like a circus act than a fun time.

It was cited as the most nerve-wracking by 56.8 per cent of women and 42.7 per cent of men.


The most 'nerve-racking' sex position has been named and we'd have to agree

The second most nerve-inducing sex position with respondents was anal sex - 54.5 per cent of women and 30.5 per cent of men said that they would be nervous to try it.

In third place was the kneeling wheelbarrow, a position that if we're totally honest we had to Google for the purposes of this article.

Here's the definition that Urban Dictionary provides:


"She is on forearms and knees at first. She shifts her weight to one forearm (say right side) and the other hand for support. Handy man steps up the the wheelbarrow with his rake toward the lady garden. Hips are handles; puts his rake in the wheelbarrow and the her left leg goes up."

So there you go.

Unsurprisingly, the least nerve-racking position among those surveyed was missionary, followed by cowgirl and doggy style.

The survey was carried out by Superdrug, which asked 1,000 people in the Europe and the US their opinions on sex positions.