A brand new mural dedicated to Irish people's dreams was unveiled in Dublin today 1 month ago

A brand new mural dedicated to Irish people's dreams was unveiled in Dublin today

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You might spot some cool new artwork in Dublin this weekend...


If you are in or around Smithfield today, you might notice a cool new mural has appeared there in recent days.

That cool new artwork was created by French artist Claire Prouvost, and was inspired by the dreams of Irish people.

The new mural, brought to life by innocent, is part of innocent's little drinks, big dreams campaign, which involved a nationwide survey that revealed some of the most popular dreams shared by Irish people.

When asked what area of their life people have their biggest dreams in, the most popular answers included relationships (23%), life balance (23%), money (12%) and fun (10%).

As part of this dream research, people were also asked about their lighthearted dreams, revealing that many Irish people dream of never going back to work (26%) and for nobody to sit beside them on the bus or train (9%).

And speaking of dreams, Claire's new mural is also celebrating innocent's big dream to reduce food waste, and they're bringing that dream to life with a 10k donation to FoodCloud.


FoodCloud is a not for profit social enterprise working to tackle the twin issues of food waste and food security, by redistributing surplus food from the food industry to a network of charity and community partners.

The donation comes as a recent survey carried out by innocent revealed that 85% of Irish 16-35 year olds don't get their 5-a-day. With innocent's donation, it's hoped that FoodCloud will be able to re-distribute even more meals, some of which will include fruit and veg.

It's a big day for dreams coming through!

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Brought to you by innocent