A new mural of Kendrick Lamar has been painted in Dublin 2 years ago

A new mural of Kendrick Lamar has been painted in Dublin

A modern day masterpiece.

Just a few months ago a mural of Stormzy was painted in Smithfield, and it was probably one of the most celebrated pieces of art in Dublin at the time.

The man himself went to visit the mural, however after objections from Dublin City Council, it has to be painted over.

Well, a new mural has arrived and we couldn't be happier.

US rapper Kendrick Lamar took to the 3Arena stage last night and completely blew the crowd away.

And now, just sitting on Aungier Street is a mural of the megastar. It depicts him performing on stage with a neon arrow sign in the background that says 'Pimps only'.

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The District Magazine social media accounts shared an image of the mural online this morning, writing: "New Kendrick mural by... Well, who do you think?" before tagging Subset Dublin.

While Subset themselves shared the photo saying, “Tell us somethin'. You mothaf*ckas can't tell us nothin'.”

Subset describes themselves as "a multidisciplinary artist collective with interests ranging from art, marketing, music and film to finance, hospitality and clothing.

"Our intention is to assemble a vehicle which will enable the seamless combination of art and commerce through a variety of platforms."

We're just hoping this one doesn't have to be removed like the Stormzy one...

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