New research shows the alarming sum of money you need to holiday in Dublin 3 years ago

New research shows the alarming sum of money you need to holiday in Dublin

Deep breath.

We always knew Dublin was expensive, but when it comes to holidaying here compared to the capital's other European counterparts, we're honestly both alarmed and appalled.


From transport to food, shopping to tourist attractions, according to new data from alpharooms Ireland, Dublin will set you back a pretty penny whether you're a tourist or simply here on a staycation.

According to the research... it analysed the most popular destinations in Europe, before calculating how long a day budget of €50 would last.

And the results are pretty shocking, taking into account that on the day you'll be having breakfast, lunch dinner, a beer, a cocktail, two one-way transport tickets, and three attractions, this is how far your money will go...

  • n London, your €50 will run out at 12:30 pm.
  • In Rome, Dublin, and Vienna, your €50 will run out at 3:00 pm.
  • In Paris, Benidorm, and Amsterdam, your €50 will run out at 6:00 pm.
  • In Istanbul, Prague, and Antalya, your €50 will last all day, and you’ll still have money left over.

And that's without accommodation or flights.

In Dublin, it's reported that in order to eat and sightsee at very reasonable places, you need at least €81.79 per person.


That's almost double compared to Prague where you can do the exact same for €42.16.


Other cities that were included in the study were Paris (where you'll need €96.19 a day), Amsterdam (where you'll need €78.69 a day) and the highest-ranking city, London (where you'll need a staggering €117.78 a day).

Puts choosing where you travel into perspective, doesn't it?