Nobel Prize-Winning Author Doris Lessing Dies Aged 94 6 years ago

Nobel Prize-Winning Author Doris Lessing Dies Aged 94

Award-winning author Doris Lessing, has died aged 94. Her publisher announced the news today.

The celebrated novelist won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2007 and wrote passionately about gender politics, race and ideology during her career.

Lessing died peacefully at her home in London in the early hours of the morning her publisher said in a statement.

"Doris's long life and career was a great gift to world literature,” said Nicholas Pearson, her editor at HarperCollins.

"She wrote across a variety of genres and made an enormous cultural impact. Probably she'll be most remembered for The Golden Notebook which became a handbook to a whole generation, but her many books have spoken to us in so many various ways.

"Doris has been called a visionary and, to be in her company, which was a privilege I had as her editor towards the end of her writing life, was to experience something of that.

"Even in very old age she was always intellectually restless, reinventing herself, curious about the changing world around us, always completely inspirational. We'll miss her hugely."

Born in Persia (modern-day Iran) on October 22nd, 1919, the acclaimed author was raised in Zimbabwe and moved to the UK at the age of 30.

“She was a wonderful writer with a fascinating and original mind; it was a privilege to work for her and we shall miss her immensely,” her agent Jonathan Clowes said.

May she rest in peace.

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