Now Dieters Can Have Their Prosecco And Drink It Too 5 years ago

Now Dieters Can Have Their Prosecco And Drink It Too


Even the most health conscious of us can make exceptions for a glass of bubbly on the weekends or at an event (or a Tuesday).


However, now thanks to UK company Thomson and Scott, we can sip on bubbles without wrecking the week's hard work.

Amanda Thomson, the brains behind Skinny Champagne (we like this girl) has turned her talents to Prosecco.


Image via Thomson & Scott

With only 67 calories per 100 ml and less than half the sugar content in a traditional glass, we already feel self-righteous just THINKING about drinking it.

Speaking about the idea, Thomson said:

“We’re all obsessed with the new war on sugar.


“I was raised on a sugar free diet by my mother and now 40 years later, it’s finally being recognised as the way forward for many like me who want to avoid the deadly granules.

"With Prosecco now dominating the market, Skinny Prosecco will be a brand that I’m confident that everyone will look for on the shelves and on their wine lists this year.”