Office And Technology Problems Solved: Top 50 Life Hacks - Part II 6 years ago

Office And Technology Problems Solved: Top 50 Life Hacks - Part II

Life hacks, where would we be without them?

In a bid to make your life a little easier, we searched the Internet for the greatest tricks and tips to make everyday run a little more smoothly.

This week we’re bringing you our Top 50 Life Hacks courtesy of the world wide web.

In Part I we helped you out with some simple Kitchen nightmares and in Part II we’re solving some of those office and technological problems.

Some of our discoveries will literally blow your mind… How did we not think of these before?!


11. Keep your Canon camera, I've got an iPhone...


12. You don't need a new keyboard...


13. Organisation is key...


14. Like to travel?


15. Who needs a TV?


16. We're a big fan of this...


17. Don't be a tube.


18. If you hate crumbs, you'll love this...


19. So hipster.


20. Thank God for paper clips.


Stay tuned for Part II tomorrow, we’ll be solving some of your cleaning difficulties...

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