Oh Behave! Simple Ways to Spice up Your Sex Life 8 years ago

Oh Behave! Simple Ways to Spice up Your Sex Life

Ladies, when is the last time you had some seriously passionate, amazing, mind-blowing sex with your other half? If you can remember it clearly, congratulations, you can disregard this article and relax safe in the knowledge that you have a fulfilling sex life.

If, however, you’re struggling to remember the last time your bedroom antics left you feeling like the uber-sexy love creature that you are, then maybe it’s time you spiced things up a little bit.


It’s fairly safe to say that sex is everywhere these days. If we’re not watching programmes about it (Sex and the City repeats, how are ya?) then we’re reading about the various shades of it. Sex has been flung out into the open and while this is a great thing that paves the way for honest discourse about the topic in question, it can also make many couples feel a certain element of pressure.

We compare our own sex lives to those of television/fictional characters. We read about kinky encounters with rich billionaires and wonder if himself would like us to be a bit more…adventurous.

The good news is that bringing the sizzle back into your relationship doesn’t have to be hard or mortifying and it definitely doesn’t have to involve spanking ala Fifty Shades of Grey (not unless you’re into that kind of thing…)

Here are a few easy ways to take your bedroom antics from lukewarm to scorching in no time.

Have an affair: With your other half, naturally. Not a third party. Make a date with your man, pretend that he’s a stranger and you’re meeting up for some naughty fun. Ask questions about each other, flirt shamelessly and seduce him. At the end of the night, take him home with you and see what happens between the sheets.

Add More Foreplay: Did you know that the average Irish couple only spends ten minutes on foreplay? If you really want to heat things up, focus solely on foreplay. Extend the process for as long as you both can. Not only will this get you both rearing to go, it will mean that when you finally do get down and dirty, the feelings will be much more intense.


Be Spontaneous: You’re an adult and this means you have responsibilities. You have to collect the kids, go grocery shopping and take the cat to the vet. Having a schedule in your daily life is all well and good, but if your sex life feels like it’s fallen into a routine, shake things up a bit. Avoid scheduling in sexy time. Instead just jump on your man when he least expects it.

Flirt: Remember when yourself and himself first started going out? Remember all the flirty words exchanged and the suggestive text messages/e-mails? Bring an element of that back into your life. Send him a cheeky text while he’s at work or have a bit of flirtatious banter with him over a meal some night. Flirting seems harmless, but you’d be amazed at the impact it can have on your sex life overall.

Is your sex life in need of a bit of TLC?

Up Your Sex Game: No, we don’t mean whipping out a pair of handcuffs the next time you see him. We mean treat yourself to some sexy new undies, or maybe do a bit of research on the internet and learn how to do a naughty new position. Surprise him some night. Not only will you feel confident and satisfied, he’ll think you’re an absolute Goddess.


Abstinence: It sounds counter-productive, but think of it like this – if you know you can have sex whenever you want, it sort of loses its shine. Avoid having sex every now and then. Maybe impose a three day ban, then the next time you and your man get to it, you’ll both appreciate it even more.

Revamp Your Room: Your bedroom should be for two things: sleeping and getting it on. If your bedroom is full of clothes and clutter, it won’t exactly inspire the most romantic of feelings. Choose sexy colours of the walls/bed spread and give the place a bit of ambiance with some candles. Turn your bedroom into a boudoir and enjoy it.

Honesty is Sexy: Remember, if you’re worried about your sex life or feel like you need a bit more enthusiasm/support for himself, the sexiest thing you can do is sit him down and talk about it. Communication and honesty are the foundations of every healthy relationship.

If something is bothering you make sure you tell him. That way the two of you can sort things out together. And hey, chances are he might have a few ideas of his own when it comes to spicing things up.