On yer bike! EVERYONE needs to check out (and join) Dublin Sportsfest 3 years ago

On yer bike! EVERYONE needs to check out (and join) Dublin Sportsfest

Brought to you by Dublin Sportsfest. 

We're definitely going!


Working all day and sitting some more when we’re at dinner or diving into Netflix (although splendid) can leave us feeling pretty sluggish and all-round tired. Moving those limbs and getting the heart rate up however can change life drastically. We end up feeling great, in both body and mind, and we gain a more positive outlook in every way.

One thing that’s sure to get us all started on the path to feeling terrific is Dublin Sportsfest from September 23 to 30. There's LOADS taking place to suit everyone and if we’re being honest - we REALLY want to join in.

There’s the Great Dublin Bike Ride, walking groups, indoor bowls, Gaelic for mums and others, meditiation and Indian head massage class (we advise you bring the other half to that one) football, dancing, paddle boarding and oodles more in clubs all around the central Dublin area.

It’s time to forget about age, weight, fitness level - you name it. Simply take the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends, surround yourself with like-minded folks, take it at your own pace, and be fit so you can live your best life.

The whole idea with this initiative by Dublin City Council and Dublin City Sports and Wellbeing Partnership is to make activities as accessible and inclusive as possible to so many people. It’s time we became an active nation that’s in line with (or even better than) our European neighbours. And for now, we’re starting in Dublin.


So during the European Week of Sport (Sept. 23 to 30), Dublin Sportfest will comprise of week-long programmes and events happening across heaps of sports clubs, parks, urban spaces and Dublin City Council facilities in celebration getting active in our city (the vast majority being free of charge). Sport makes for a strong, confident, positive, healthy and driven society - so let’s do it!

First up is the Great Dublin Bike Ride on Sunday, September 23. So whip out the bike, get your helmet on and join in on the absolute craic. See you there!

Brought to you by Dublin Sportsfest

Dublin City is packed full of opportunities to get involved in sports and activity at all levels, no matter your age. With a wealth of sports clubs, facilities and recreational spaces across the city use this as a chance to familiarise yourself with clubs in your area. Visit Dublin Sportsfest to see what's happening from September 23 to 30.