This is the one question that everyone hates in an interview 5 years ago

This is the one question that everyone hates in an interview

Be prepared... it's coming.

Job interviews can be incredibly intimidating. We've all had that nightmare interview where we've frozen and forgotten our own name, let alone the answer to the question we've been asked. Meh... it happens to the best of us.



On this week's episode of Girls With Goals we're tackling gender equality with editor Gillian Fitzpatrick and writer Taryn De Vere, we're covering everything from crying in the office to being a female boss and penises on trains (7:01 for those curious about this one). One of the interesting things we learn in this episode is that most people are afraid of the EXACT same question in interviews... bet you can't guess it?

Listen in at 41.29 below to find out more or keep on reading:


As confident as we may feel in interviews, there does seem to be one question that strikes fear into us all, so what is it? Our editor, Gillian Fitzpatrick, has conducted her fair share of interviews and she says she's seen the most confident of applicants crumble when asked this one question:

"The one question that will absolutely throw most people is when you get to the end of an interview, someone's done a kick-ass  job they really know their stuff  then you simply ask: 'What are your salary expectations?'. It all of a sudden makes people melt into the ground and it's very unusual that you'll get a straight answer."

It seems the struggle with this particular question is that we're being asked to put a worth on ourselves and realistically no one likes talking about money. So, we put it to Gillian to assess, in her own experience, who deals with this tough question better men or women?

"Without a doubt any man that I've interviewed has struggled with that question a lot less, we all struggle with money matters, but by in large in my experience men are much better at giving a direct answer and having confidence in saying a figure and saying that this is what I think is a fair wage for the role that I'm interviewing  and this is the money that you should pay me".


We're also joined on this episode by former Olympic high-jumper and national record holder Deirdre Ryan (18.18), who talks to us about life after the games and keeping young girls interested in sport.

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