The one thing you should never buy in the airport duty free 3 years ago

The one thing you should never buy in the airport duty free

It can easily happen.

Heading away on holiday is a really exciting time no matter what time of the year it is - however, in the lead up it can be easy to forget a few things.


Not a bother though, right? You can pick up most essentials up in the airport.

While this is true, an expert has warned that there is one product you should definitely not buy in the duty free as it's always hiked up in price.

Erin Yurday, CEO of NimbleFins told Cosmopolitan:

"If you need to buy sun lotion from the airport duty-free you might pay nearly £6 (€7/8) more per bottle.

"However duty-free prices may still be cheaper than what you'd pay once you arrive at your destination, as shops in tourist towns have notoriously high prices for necessities like sun lotion."


Note to self: Always buy sun cream before you leave for the airport.

However, if you do want to snap up a few pieces in the duty free, it has been shown that bits like designer sunglasses, bags and shoes are worth purchasing, as well as branded lipstick.

The more you know, huh? Now go and enjoy your winter break!