This online payment plan means you won't have wait until payday to buy what you want 3 months ago

This online payment plan means you won't have wait until payday to buy what you want

Brought to you by Flexi-Fi. 

Ever desperately needed to buy something but you can't because payday hasn't arrived yet?

Yeah, us too. It's a pretty common occurrence tbh.

We're sick and tired of having big events two days before payday and having to put up with sub-par hair and make-up because we can't afford to splurge and get them done professionally. Enough is enough!

Thankfully, our friends at Flexi-Fi have taken pity on our poor desperate souls and have come up with an online payment plan that essentially lets you pay forward the money you'll get on payday.

So whether you're looking for a proper spray tan, a new TV, a new bike, or if you're in ACTUAL need because your car has broken down, once the cost is between €80 and €499.99, Flexi-Fi will let you buy what you need from any of their partner stores without any hassle and (most importantly) without any extra costs. Yes, you heard us right - there are NO hidden fees because you pay zero percent APR on purchases up to €499.99 (hurrah!).

To find out more about Flexi-Fi and where and when you can use it, check out their website.

So is there a catch? As long as you have a good credit history, nope. Once you're an Irish citizen or a permanent resident here, you're over 18, and you earn a taxable income of at least €21,000 a year, you're pretty much set to go. All you have to do is fill out the form on their website and sign up with your number and email. Then you're ready to spend, spend, spend. Though you still need to pay it back, so don't go TOO wild.

You get to choose how much you pay back every fortnight (and you can pay it off early if you're feeling particularly flush one month), so it all works to suit you (just how we like it).

Bye bye, broke days.

Brought to you by Flexi-Fi.

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