Opinion: There are WAY too many blonde girls in Love Island 6 months ago

Opinion: There are WAY too many blonde girls in Love Island

Love Island, do better.

I feel like before I start this little rant, there needs to be a disclaimer. Everything said from here on is all coming from a girl with a lot of blonde balayage in her hair. So if you're blonde, it's nothing personal.


All of us here at Her.ie can't be the only ones thinking this, but there are one too many blondes coming in as bombshells on Love Island this year - it's getting ridiculous.

The show was urged, even begged, to have a racially and ethnically diverse cast this year, and in this current social climate, they needed to jump on board with this.


When the first 10 islanders came in, from from the outset it looked progressive, there was people from all different backgrounds on our screen.

Faye and Liberty were the only two blondes, which was fine because the other three girls were more diverse. But we should've seen it coming as soon as Chloe walked in.

Out of all the girls who have come in as bombshells, one has not been blonde, one out of five of the girls who have come in late.


Sorry but what's that about? Rachel was the only girl that looked remotely different to the others that walked in, Love Island seriously needs to do better.

In the era of representation in media, how can anyone sit and watch Love Island and see yourself in these girls? And that's all down to one very specific standard of beauty.

Now it does need to be said, the blonde girls in the villa are absolutely gorgeous, and the way they've been cast like this is not their fault, this decision lies on the producers.

When Millie and Lucinda came in it wasn't as shocking as we expected the producers to try and get Jake's head to turn, but now that AJ's shown up to add to the blonde brigade, you have to start asking questions.


It's like Jake has gotten a side job on the show as their casting agent, who is picking these girls?

We get it, they're gorgeous, but when it comes down to it, Love Island is seriously lacking in the diversity it so desperately needs.

There is literally no better time than this season to have a range of different sizes and races, but by putting blonde thin girls in at every opportunity, bombshell after bombshell, they're virtually telling us that they don't care.


Their lack of diversity, or even awareness of it, is something that shouldn't be stood for, it's quite simply not good enough to just throw in a blonde girl at chance they get, it's just starting to get a bit ridiculous.