Pamela Anderson has asked Enda Kenny for a pint but on one condition 3 years ago

Pamela Anderson has asked Enda Kenny for a pint but on one condition

Pamela Anderson has written an open letter to Taoiseach Enda Kenny and offered to buy him a pint.

Sounds a bit bizarre right? Well, her reason for doing so was to talk about the upcoming bill to prevent wild-animal circuses in Ireland.

In the letter she describes the harsh conditions animals have to put up with while in the circus. She also stresses that she wants us to stop seeing the animals as "entertainment" and to implement the ban.

She ends by saying that she will join him for a pint of Guinness when the ban is put in place.

Here is the full letter, which has been shared through Peta.

"Dear Mr. Kenny,

I was excited to learn from my friends at PETA that a bill has been put forward to ban wild- animal circuses in Ireland. As a longtime animal advocate, I give the bill my full support—and I hope it has yours, too.

Animals in circuses never benefit from "the luck of the Irish." Instead, they're denied everything that is natural and important to them. They spend their lonely lives constantly on the move, transported in cramped conditions, and shackled or caged for hours on end. And they don't perform tricks such as jumping through rings of fire or dancing on their hind legs for fun—but out of fear of punishment.

Today, most decent people see animal circuses for what they are: cruelty. Consequently—as I was pleased to hear—towns and cities across Ireland are overwhelmingly passing motions to ban them from public land. I truly hope Ireland seizes this opportunity to implement a national ban and joins the ever-growing list of countries that have banished this archaic form of so-called "entertainment." I would love nothing more than to visit your beautiful country and raise a glass of Guinness (I hear it's vegan now!) with you when that day arrives.

Sincerely yours,

Pamela Anderson"