People can't figure out whether this pic is a beach or door 3 years ago

People can't figure out whether this pic is a beach or door

Optical illusion alert *alarm emoji*!

Look lads, it's Thursday.


It's almost the weekend, loads of people are heading off to EP tomorrow, we just aren't in the right frame of mind to think clearly and profoundly about something at this stage in the week.

But we're going to anyway for the sake of The Content.

There's been a picture doing the rounds on Twitter dot com of what could either be a beach flipped on its side or the edge of a door.

Nobody knows what's going on. People are arguing. Social media is burning. No one can figure out what this is a photo of.


Can you though? Does it matter? Will it make a different to the world when the future generations are inevitably going to pass away due to intensified global warming, war, and the continued consumption of red meat?

It won't. But we need something to distract us until that day comes so let's just go with it.

This is the photo:


'Hahahaha' indeed, Becky.

You know what you've done. You know the strife you've caused. Now you've got 32.5k people in your mentions giving you shit over this photo and you need to deal with it forever.

Are you happy? You should be.


Before you actually go ahead and wreck you're brain trying to figure out what this is a photo of though, rest easy in the knowledge that Becky has given us an answer.

And we are eternally grateful.

Turns out the photo is a beach. Here it is:


Well, that sorted that out, anyway.