People Listed Their Biggest Regrets And The Results Are Heartbreaking 7 years ago

People Listed Their Biggest Regrets And The Results Are Heartbreaking

It's natural at the start of a New Year to look back on your life and take stock of what has happened, positive and negative.

However, sometimes this can lead to you having regretful thoughts, wondering what you could have done more or less of, or whether you could have avoided that massive pitfall.


Quora user Bradley Voytek, a neuroscientist posted the results of a survey to other users and the comments underneath are very enlightening and could be something to keep in mind for the new year.

Some of the headings included:




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'I regret that I never fell in love with someone who was in love with me, when that would have been easy for me to do.' -David Kahana


For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to have kids. But in my younger years, I foolishly assumed that unlike certain accomplishments like a career, the marriage and kids thing would just happen.
Well, they didn't. I dated plenty of people but never even thought about making family a priority. Then, in my late 30s, a bout with ovarian cancer left me permanently infertile. - Caroline Zelonka




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I regret being so lazy in my school days. When I was at school I could have learned a musical instrument, foreign language and sporting skills but I was too lazy to take them up. Now I wish I had the time to learn a language or the guitar but I know it won't happen and I kick myself for not taking up the opportunity when it was there and I had all the time in the world. -David Stewart



The regret of NOT having done something, tried something in one's career is far greater than anything else. I am very happy in my current job; its the greatest job in the world. I have a very secure financial future (job for life), a wonderful wife and darling daughter. I have good properties; I am all set. However, there is one regret - of not having had the courage to follow my calling. At the time (early 20s), I was too nervous to give (performing arts) a try as a profession although I was very good at it. - Anonymous



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I think one thing I would do differently looking back in my life would be to be financially independent from an earlier age. Financial independence is freedom. Being financially independent is when one's life really starts. Being able to provide for yourself is everything. - Richard He

However, Karl Pillemer also gave an interesting answer from a survey he conducted of elderly people at Cornell University:

'Their advice on this issue is devastatingly simple and direct: Worry is an enormous waste of your precious and limited lifetime. They suggested training yourself to reduce or eliminate worrying as the single most positive step you can make toward greater happiness.'

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