People are losing their minds over this daytime moon 6 years ago

People are losing their minds over this daytime moon

Considering the freaky warm weather we've had the last few weeks, I don't know what to believe any more.

Ireland has been warm for the last few weeks, then it got humid, then rainy - my trust is completely gone.


These evenings don't get dark until very late so if you've seen the moon early in the night, it's nothing to worry about.

One person in Australia has played with the minds of many by uploading a picture of what looks like the moon during a bright, sunny day.

Reddit user TokenAustralianMate posted a picture of a beautiful clear day, with the illusion of a moon in the left hand corner.

moonSurprisingly, it turns out it's just a cloud however plenty of users were fooled.


One user noted "I thought that was the moon, and you were referring to the other cloud. I thought this was stupid. But it wasn’t."

Another user described the cloud as "sneak" and "vindictive", with one person suggest it be called a "cloon" - a cloud moon.

I will never get tired of people being angry about being fooled. EVER.

Lead image via Reddit