Peter Andre told wife Emily she should 'walk away' due to anxiety 3 years ago

Peter Andre told wife Emily she should 'walk away' due to anxiety

Emily MacDonagh has told of how husband Peter Andre said she should "walk away from him" over his mental health issues.

She said that Pete's anxiety could have negatively affected the couple's relationship more than it did, but that she was relieved they could make it work.


In her OK! magazine column, Emily confirmed that she and Pete are "in it together."

“Pete has been open about when he was suffering from anxiety and he said that I should walk away from him.

But I always said to him that we’re a team."

Pete has only recently started speaking out about his anxiety.

In March of this year, he told This Morning how he had suffered the "crippling" effects of the illness, and that he was having up to 20 panic attacks a day.

The Mysterious Girl singer said that while medication was working for him, he felt that it was "wiping it all under the carpet."


Emily said in her column that she felt it was important to have a supportive family when dealing with such an illness.

“When someone is suffering from mental health problems it can be easy for families to be pushed apart, even when you love someone so much.

It’s very important not to forget the pressure of a mental illness on family members.”

The couple have been married for over two years and have two children together - Theo and Millie.


The mum-of-two has been enjoying some well-deserved time off with her kids in the lead up to her return to work.