Peter Mark charging some customers €60 extra for using at-home dyes and regrowth 3 months ago

Peter Mark charging some customers €60 extra for using at-home dyes and regrowth

The salon chain is reopening to the public on June 29.

Peter Mark is charging some customers €60 extra for using at-home dye kits and regrowth.

The hairdressing chain, which has over 60 salons across the country, has informed returning customers that it may be charged an extra fee for regrowth over 2cm, patchy colour, or faded colour.

Peter Mark warned clients via social media that it will be operating a "colour extend service," a "colour detox service," and a "colour restore service."

The colour restore service, which includes hair with a "dull and uneven colour" will cost an extra €45 on top of regular prices, while the colour detox service for clients who have used "at home colour" will cost an extra €60.

The colour extend service, which will cover regrowth "longer than 2cm," will cost clients at least an extra €45.

"To adjust for the time that has elapsed since your last salon service our teams may need to perform one of three technical applications," Peter Mark said on social media this week.

"These are to address long regrowth, uneven or patchy colour and hair that has faded. These additional technical services may require a longer appointment time and should be factored into your salon visit."

Many clients have taken to social media to complain about the added costs, which will be relayed to customers when booking their return appointment.

Peter Mark is set to reopen on Monday, June 29 in line with the beginning of Phase Three.

The salon chain was among the hundreds forced to close in March due to Covid-19 restrictions, and has been inundated with requests for bookings since last week.

All Peter Mark salons will reopen next week under new strict health and safety guidelines for customers and staff.

Peter Mark did not respond to Her's request for comment on the added charges.

Images via Peter Mark Instagram.