PICS: The 10 most popular travel-inspired tattoos 4 years ago

PICS: The 10 most popular travel-inspired tattoos

How many of these do you revise from friends who "broadened their horizons"?

The itch to travel is very real and the more you travel the more that desire to see even more burns stronger in your veins.


Travellers all over the world collect passport stamps, mementos and memories from everywhere they visit, but some go one step further to demonstrate their dedication to travel. They get tattoos.

The good people at HostelWorld have put together a list of the most popular travel-inspired tattoos that people get and while a lot of them wouldn't be ones we'd put on our own skin, we can see the appeal of them for some people.

Globetrotting individuals have been sharing their tattoo collections and the reasons behind them with HostelWorld and we guarantee that some of them will make you want to pack a bag and belt off around the globe.

Here are the ten most popular travel-inspired tattoos...

  1. Compass points – find your way home, or navigate to a new destination it’s up to you.

Photo Credit: Gustavo Fernandes

  1. Mercator Projection – even when you return you still have the world with you.

​Photo Credit: Martina Anliker

  1. ‘Wanderlust’ – an indelible reminder that the desire to travel is never far from your thoughts.

​Photo Credit; @therealmarichuy

  1. Airplanes and paper planes – symbols, graphics and line drawings make up this trend ready to take off.

​Photo Credit: Olivia Dawn

  1. Globes – again keeping the whole world with you again as you return home.

​Photo Credit: Joe Nic-Smith

  1. Hot air balloons – ready to take flight these tattoos often incorporate a globe.

​Photo Credit: Nathália Azevedo

  1. Inspirational quotes – words that inspire us to be better people or remind us why we travel.

​Photo Credit: Jana Schleifer

  1. South East Asian script – wise words in the language you’ve immersed yourself in.

​Photo Credit: Thais Espildora

  1. Passport stamps – why keep these to the pages of your well worn passport, and much easier to show off.

​Photo Credit: Luana Borges

  1. Trees – palm trees, local symbols and more mean you’ll never forget where you’ve been.

​Photo Credit: @anskumoii