Planning a holiday in 2020? Here's a trick to get a cheap flight 2 years ago

Planning a holiday in 2020? Here's a trick to get a cheap flight

Ah, January. Bleak, bleak January.

Most of us had some time off over this Christmas season and coming back to work this week will be a lot to cope with. Dark, early mornings and being back in the office is not exactly pleasant... so we dream of jetting away to absolutely anywhere that isn't Ireland.


After Christmas is also a tight time for money and you no doubt (like us) spent all your moola on presents and nights out.

So, if you want to book a break away - for the best price possible - then a few experts told Cosmo exactly how to do that.

Jack Sheldon from Jack's Flight Club notes that the best thing to do is set up a flight tracker so you can work out what the best rates are.

"Booking flights is all about timing. Don't make the mistake of blindly going online and booking a ticket 6 months in advance. Airline fares can fluctuate as much as 50 percent daily and will seldom stay at their lowest for very long.


"If you're keen to visit NYC in September [for example], go on Google Flights now and set a pair of trackers for your chosen dates.

"Google Flights will then send you a notification each time the fare changes. After a few weeks you'll know what a good fare is and can grab it next time it's at its lowest."

Meanwhile, Derek Moore of AITO says that you might be better off doing it the old-fashioned way - go into a travel agent.

Yep, they're still around and will sometimes help you get a better deal than if you were to book online.


Derek said: "Tour operators often have special ticket prices with airlines to whom they give a lot of business, plus hotels often give them better rates for rooms. Therefore, it can often be cheaper to use the tour operator’s buying power."