Redecorating in 2022? Here are some interior trends we're loving at the moment 10 months ago

Redecorating in 2022? Here are some interior trends we're loving at the moment

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Time for a change of scenery? Here's some inspiration to get you started...


Given how much time we've spent indoors over the last few years, you're probably not alone if you're thinking about changing up your living space.

If you're tired of looking at the same four walls everyday, planning some home improvements is the easiest and most effective way to achieve that change of scenery you've been craving.

And if you need some help funding your home makeover, we've got something that might help...


If you want to Dream Big in 2022, an AIB Personal Loan can help you cover the costs that come with redecorating your home.

With a quick and simple AIB Personal Loan, you're only a few short steps away from kickstarting your home renovations. You can borrow anything from €1,000 to €30,000 online or in app with loan approval within 3 hours

So, whether you're creating that perfect WFH set-up, revamping a neglected spare bedroom or embarking on a total home transformation, it couldn't be easier to turn that dream living space into a reality.


With that in mind, here are some interior trends that we're obsessed with at the moment to get you started....

Biophilic interiors

When it comes to an entire room transformation, biophilic interiors are still a super popular décor choice. In a nutshell, this means decorating a space with nature inspired colours, patterns and décor, bringing a bit of outside beauty straight into your home.


Choosing earth tones like green and brown shades, along with hardwood flooring or timber panelling, are some simple ways of incorporating this trend into a space. You can also opt for some wallpaper with stunning nature-inspired patterns, as they're ideal for creating the perfect statement wall that often comes with this trend.

And when it comes to décor, nothing fits this trend better than adding to your plant collection. Fejkas, potted trees and hanging baskets will all help bring your nature-inspired space to life, without eating up too much of your budget.

Dual-purpose rooms


If you're living in an apartment or a smaller space, you might be feeling like your renovations have their limits.

But, in reality, there are ways you can make the space you have stretch further. Multi-purpose rooms are growing in popularity at the moment, and it's a great trend to embrace if you want to make use out of every inch of your property.

Now that a lot of us are heading back in to the office, it could be the perfect time to transform your home office into a multi-purpose room.

An office that also serves as an exercise space, or a lounge area with some handy slide robes fitted for extra storage are two really practical and useful examples of how you could benefit from creating some multi-purpose spaces in your home.


Making sustainable upgrades to our homes continues to be a big and important trend in the housing markets, as we all want to do our part to make our homes that bit more environmentally friendly. So if retrofitting, energy efficiency or insulation are important aspects of your renovation project, AIB can help you there too.

AIB's Green Personal Loan is ideal for making some sustainable changes around your home on a budget, as you can set up a repayment schedule that suits your needs.

With a Green Personal Loan, at least 50% of the borrowed amount needs to be spent on a green initiative, so it really is ideal for those energy-efficient home improvements you've been planning.

Not only will it do wonders for the environment, you're also sure to save some cash on energy bills and increase the value of your home too. Ideal!

Find out more on the AIB Green Living Hub here.

Kitchen remodels

It looks like minimalism is no longer at the top of everyone's priorities, and that extends to your kitchen renovations too. That's because colourful cabinetry is a trend that's set to continue throughout 2022, and it's the perfect way to add an extra pop of colour to your kitchen space.

If colourful cabinets aren't for you, another way your kitchen can make a statement is through patterned flooring. Mixing light wood and dark wood panels to create some sleek two-toned flooring is the perfect centrepiece for a more neutral, light-toned kitchen space.

Multiple kitchen islands have also become a popular feature, combining sleek interior design with much-needed practicality. Cooking up a storm in the kitchen will be so much easier if you have multiple surfaces to work with, so this is certainly a trend we can get on board with.

Feeling inspired? That perfect home you've been dreaming of is waiting for you...

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