Gift guide: 8 plant-based Christmas presents for your green fingered friends 10 months ago

Gift guide: 8 plant-based Christmas presents for your green fingered friends

Gift guides.

They're usually a load of crap, right?

Sure, here's a selection of gifts that are super expensive and probably all really generic that nobody would actually want to buy. Cool.

But what if there was a gift guide curated to suit the needs and desires of individual people? And, more specifically, what if there was one specifically for people who like plants?

Well, now there is - you're welcome.

So if your Kris Kindle this year is for the green fingers among us, look no further than this exceptional array of plant-based (not the vegan kind) gifts that you can easily pick up for a not at all that much money.

Please enjoy.

Frosty Cyclamen with salted caramel truffles - €46.00 - Interflora 

Professional arranged by a florist and including a genuine box of chocolates in the mix, here's a gorgeous plant that would pretty much make anyone's Christmas to receive.

Just let them green fingers turn to brown. Because of the chocolate.

Copper watering can - €33.00 - Made

Let us all take a moment to admire this divine little number - the copper watering can that also comes in brass.


Unlike the chronic plastic lads that you'd be picking up in Woodies, this guy is genuinely stunning, practical, and also extremely ornamental, if a person didn't want to use it for watering the plants at all.

Multi-functional. You love to see it.

Grey on legs planter - €17.00+ - M&S 

No, no idea why it's called that either.

Here is a selection of matching plant pots that are grey and have legs. You also put plants in them so that explains that.

The pots start at 17 quid and go all the way up to €47.50, which really isn't all that bad considering they are quite lovely.

Sweet pink orchid - €39.00 - Interfloral 

Because truly, who among us doesn't love an orchid?

Order this here plant for that special someone in your life (or someone you don't even really like that much) and listen, they'll be only delighted.

It's an orchid. Can't go wrong.

Rose gold gardening tools - €17.18 - Not On The Highstreet 

Alright, alright, rose gold, copper, it's the same thing. Kinda.

Either way, these gardening tools look delightful, won't rust, and are dirt (ahoy) cheap.

Including a trowel, a fork, and a dibber, this set would be perfect for your mate who's been gardening for years - or your fella who maybe wants to start.

Plus, they look pretty so whatever.

Coloured ridges plant pot - €13.83 - ASOS

What a divine little lad.

This here cute plant pot is perfect for those of us who want to impress a green fingered friend, but simply do not have that much money floating around.

It's cheap, it's cheerful, and look, you can even stick a cute lil cactus in it.


Or, as they are otherwise known, watering cans.

This one in particular has got an ivory body with a golden handle meaning that like the above, a person can water the plants, and then leave the watering can lying about, simply as an ornament.


Metal plant pot - €14.99 - H&M

Look at this giant boyo.

So big, so metal, so large and willing to take all of your plants. The dream, tbh.

Go on now, so. Enjoy him.

(*All prices are not inclusive of delivery.)