These are the most popular lies people tell their partners 2 years ago

These are the most popular lies people tell their partners

Any of these sound familiar?

We're certain that you're all strong contenders for the award of 'Boyfriend/Girlfriend of the Year', but there will always come a moment in any relationship when you might have to bend the truth in your favour.

Note how we didn't use the word 'lie' here.

See, there's a difference between revealing the whole truth and certain aspects of it. Sure, sure. Let's just keep saying that to ourselves over and over.

That's not shady at all.

Anywho, according to a new survey of 2000 adults,  three-quarters of people have admitted that they've lied to their partners. We're shocked.

One in 10 people stated that they lie quite regularly, with men expected to tell more porkies than their partners.

The classic "I am listening’" takes the prestigious top spot as the number one fib, with the equally popular "I only had one drink", "I didn’t see your text",  and "I had an orgasm" also ranking highly.

Here's the list in full.

Used/heard any of these?

  1. I am listening
  2. I’m not in a bad mood
  3. I only had one drink
  4. I didn’t see your text/call
  5. You don’t look fat
  6. I am sticking to my diet
  7. I had an orgasm
  8. This isn’t a new outfit
  9. Your bum doesn’t look big in that
  10. I wasn’t looking at her figure
  11. I didn’t break that
  12. I was out with friends
  13. I like your mates
  14. I’m saving the item of clothing you bought me for a special occasion
  15. I like your cooking
  16. I didn’t eat that treat we were saving
  17. I’ve never cheated on you
  18. I like your parents
  19. I don’t have a history with that person
  20. I didn’t put that dent/scratch on the car