Puppy sunhats are apparently now a thing and they are beyond adorable 2 years ago

Puppy sunhats are apparently now a thing and they are beyond adorable

They look absolutely fetching.

We all know the importance of making sure you're properly protected from the sun.


But since our four-legged friends can't lather themselves up in suncream, one company has created a mini-sunhat to provide them with some shade.

Besides the fact that it's absolutely adorable, the little visors are priced around just over €2 - which isn't too ruff of a price to pay to protect your pup from the sun.

The hats, originally from TailUp, come in a number of different colours and designs: with everything from florals to animal prints; stripes to block colours.

There's also two different styles on their website, one which looks like a baseball cap kind of style while the other is more like a sunhat.

It comes in four different sizes, ranging from small (if your puppy has a 12.2 inch head circle) to extra large (if your puppy has a 21.3 inch head circle).


Dog-lovers were sent into a frenzy when the hats were shared on social media this week, with people saying they were "too cute" and "adorable".

One person commented:

"Okay, this is actually super cute and I do condone this, unlike my hatred for crazy dog outfits that aren’t for practical means (I.e., keeping doggo warm)"

Tagging a pal, someone else wrote:

"I’m gonna buy like 40 of them for all your dogs and buddy and then take a family photo of them all in their little hats."


Another added:

"Well clearly we need to purchase one as we have a dog and she doesnt need a hat but it's just cute so duh clearllyyy."