The quick test to show whether someone is a good friend 5 years ago

The quick test to show whether someone is a good friend


It is very important to surround yourself with good, supportive people in order to be confident and happy.


We often hear about 'toxic' friendships and why it's important to banish them. However, sometimes it can be hard to see how the people around you really treat you.

When researching for a book, behavioural scientist Jon Levy looked at how to make friends more easily and faster.

One of the tips he gave was actually a little test. While he advises doing this with strangers when getting to know them, we're just not sure it would be off the best first impression.

Instead, perhaps you could try it with friends you already have to see what they are really like.


Levy recommends trying a litmus test which is a quick overall test to measure quality.

He suggests that you start by asking “How much does the average employee steal from a cash register in a year?”

Apparently, the higher the number the more likely they are to be dishonest. The is because people assume others are like them, and will act as they would.

He next recommends asking the person to draw an E on their forehead to analyse how self-centred they are. If the E faces you, they focus on others, if it faces them, they’re probably more interested in themselves.


So like we said, the researcher recommends doing this with a stranger but if we were to walk across the room and ask someone we've never met about robbing from a till and drawing letters on their faces we doubt it would end in a beautiful friendship.

Maybe have a go with your current acquaintances as a social experiment, and remember that the answers are in no way definite and are meant to be taken more as suggestive.