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Are you a green queen or plastic fiend?

Embracing a greener lifestyle isn't just about helping to save the rain forest. Every little thing you do every day has an impact on the planet – that wine bottle you recycle, the plastic bag you don't take at the counter, the outfit you reuse. It all counts and the planet will thank you for it.

If you're not already recycling and looking for a reason to go green, find out more about how easy it is!

Over the last 20 years Ireland has recycled high billion plastic bottles, 7 billion glass bottles, 6 billion cans and 4 million tonnes of paper and cardboard. Repak is funded by its members - members who have helped divert over 10 million tonnes of packaging waste from landfill. These members include supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, shops and many other businesses who produce packaging and are committed to meeting their obligations to recycle their packaging and help pay for the collection of your recycling bins by being members of Repak.


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