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After reading this, you'll never charge your phone in a public port again
Better safe than sorry.


How many times have you found yourself with an empty phone battery while out and about, spotted a public charger and plugged your device in?

It feels like an absolute lifesaver when you're back up and running again, (which come to think of it is a worrying sign of just how much we're obsessed with our phones).

You might want to stop and think next time though because one security firm says you could be putting your personal data at considerable risk.

In conversation with CNN, Drew Paik of security firm Authentic8 said:

"Just by plugging your phone into a (compromised) power strip or charger, your device is now infected, and that compromises all your data".

Although these ports are extremely handy, Drew says there is no limit to what can be hacked if the port has been compromised.

Authentic 8 recently set up a charging station at a conference in San Francisco, offering people the option to charge their devices.

Drew said that 80% of people went ahead and used it without questioning the safety and security of the ports.


"The majority are plugging in no problem. They are at a security conference and they should know better, but they probably feel safe.

"The others are making fun of them. They just walk by and say, 'Do people really do that?'"

Not to self, REMEMBER to keep portable charger boosted at all times.

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