The reason why we are giving all of our wedding guests a plus one 1 year ago

The reason why we are giving all of our wedding guests a plus one

To plus one or not to plus one, that is the wedding planning question.

Or, well, one of dozens and dozens of them, anyways.

Over the years, there's been plenty of debate about which wedding guests should/would get a plus one and which ones shouldn't/wouldn't.

Sure, plus-one's aren't a guarantee when it comes to weddings - but there's definitely a few people that usually find themselves getting an 'and guest' on the wedding invites.

The bridal party seems to be widely agreed upon as the recipients of a plus one. Couples who are living together or have been together a long time also seem to be understood as getting a plus one (unless you're putting in a 'no ring, no bring' policy à la Pippa Middleton).

And those who have already said 'I do', too, seem to generally be given plus ones.

After the Save The Dates went out earlier this summer, people began to ask me about what my fiancé and I had planned re: plus ones.

It seemed mean, in a way, to decide for the guests who gets a plus one and who doesn't - so we've left it up to them to decide.

It's all down to the fact that we've got so many guests flying in from overseas and, while they know both of us, they may not know anybody else who is actually at the wedding.

So if they want someone close to them by their side for the 12-or-so hours of wedding festivities, then that seems fair enough.

And if they're cool with mingling solo and getting to know the other guests during that time, then more power to them.

At least this way, they would have the option.

As for the guests in Ireland? Many fit into the categories above already - and when we went through the list, we realised there was going to be only a few who didn't seem to fit into the 'guaranteed' plus one categories.

So it only seemed fair to give them the same option, instead of picking and choosing who got to bring someone along.

Either way, at least everyone is going to be able to make the choice that helps them feel more comfortable, relaxed and ready to celebrate the day.

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