The recommended job interview question you would NEVER think of asking 11 months ago

The recommended job interview question you would NEVER think of asking

Not a job interview topic we would have thought of.

Job interviews can be stressful and it's tough enough trying to think of potential answers for the difficult questions that arise.

We're busy enough with mastering succinct responses never mind coming up with questions we should ask but according to one expert, that's just as important.

In addition to showing the interview panel you know all about the company/organisation, you also want to express your personality.

Interviews are often rounded up with the question "do you have anything you'd like to ask?" and this can be where the interviewee flounders and can't think of anything to say.

Preparation is key though and once you are armed with things to say, you'll be grand.

One expert, David Baddeley at Scottish Trust Deed,  shared his thoughts recently while chatting to Red Online.

It might sound strange but to wrap things up, he recommends asking where people go for lunch...

Why so?

Because, and it really makes sense when you think about it, this is an easy way to see what company culture is like in other offices.

For example, if you're told that teams eat communally, this will work for some people but not all and equally, if people tend to eat at their desks, this may indicate high workloads with employees not taking time out at lunch.

Can't say we would have thought of asking this particular question but it definitely makes sense and could be a good way to engineer some chat if it's been a particularly difficult interview.