The 'reverse hot water bottle' may just be the key to sleeping soundly on hot nights 1 year ago

The 'reverse hot water bottle' may just be the key to sleeping soundly on hot nights

Are you having just as hard a time at sleeping as we are?

It's too warm, it's clammy, you don't want to stick your feet out of your bed because you're afraid some nighttime monster will come and swallow you up.


Yep, trying to sleep during a mini-heatwave is hard, but hopefully with these tips it might make things a bit easier for you tonight:

Get rid of the duvet

If you still have your regular duvet on your bed, get rid of it ASAP. It's way too big and warm for you to be sleeping under, so if you still want covers (so you know, the aforementioned nighttime monster won't come and get you) then opt to sleep under a single sheet or light blanket.

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Keep water by your bed

Water is the essence of life. No, really. Not only is is great for clearing out toxins in your body and skin, it can also help cool you. Bring up an icy cold pint glass of water with you when you head to bed and you'll be sorted for the night.

Reverse hot water bottles


Put a bottle of water in the freezer and when it's frozen, wrap a tea towel around it for a reverse hot water bottle effect.

Believe us, it sounds silly but your 4am sweating-self will thank you for it.

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Change up your PJs


As tempting as it is to sleep in your underwear (or in the nip), keep your PJs on and opt for cotton as it lets your skin breathe and also allows for air circulation. Also, avoid silk, satin or polyester as they can make you SWEAT.

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Close your curtains

As weird as it might look from the outside, close your curtains during the day to let as little heat in as possible. Also - avoid black and metal being near your window as they absorb heat and make your room super clammy.

Stay chill


Keep a cool head, people!

There's nothing worse than stressing out about sleeping, because you will then, in fact, not sleep. As frustrating as it is, try to let your mind wander and don't think about how hot it is... so then hopefully you will fall into a nice, long slumber.

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