'Roaching' is the latest dating trend wrecking relationships everywhere 4 years ago

'Roaching' is the latest dating trend wrecking relationships everywhere

Not another one.

There's been a ridiculous amount of dating trends in recent times but this new one might be the most upsetting yet.


RoachingĀ is damaging relationships everywhere before they even start and if you've been roached, we can see why you'd be pretty angry about the situation.

It's a term coined by AskMenĀ and it usually occurs in the horrible interim period when you're not sure if you're official or just seeing each other.

You might recognise the type of situation we're referring to, you've had a couple of dates and think everything is going well but then you find out that the other person isn't into something serious.


If you've ever been of the opinion that the person you've been casually dating is about to become something more only to find out that this isn't on their radar at all, you may have been 'roached;.

In case you're wondering where the name come from, it's because when you see one cockroach, there's probably a few more hiding somewhere else and the person doing the roaching is probably keeping their other romantic rendezvous to themselves too.

So there you go, another dating trend to add to the long list of cuffing, phubbing and cushioning although this might be the most hurtful yet.