Rob Kenny and Aoife Walsh discuss highs and lows of the Irish Influencer industry 8 months ago

Rob Kenny and Aoife Walsh discuss highs and lows of the Irish Influencer industry

 This week we chatted all things influential with content creators Rob Kenny, Aoife Walsh and pop star, Sigrid. 

Everyone has preconceived ideas about what it's like to be an influencer.

Some, in fact, most Irish teens between the ages of 11 and 16 dream of being one, rating it the most sought-after career alongside a YouTuber while, others, many others seem to see influencers in a very different light.

Naturally, this is how people feel about most careers, some loving and some loathing the profession but because influencers are in the spotlight we seem to hear a lot more about their industry, be it love or hate.

As an influencer or content creator as they're beginning to become known as, Rob Kenny and Aoife Walsh work tirelessly to bring their audiences fresh and new content. From travel to fashion and lifestyle, they're growing and learning on your screen and in your ears as they too navigate this new realm of marketing.


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And although they both absolutely adore their careers, with Aoife based between Dublin and New York and Rob having just returned from a two week cruise which saw him in Jamaica and Mexico, they're not trying to sell anyone the idea that it's all glamour.

Discussing the highs and lows of the industry, Aoife gave us an insight into what it's actually like to work as an influencer.

"The peak for me is the community you create from your page and the followers reaching out.

"It's really nice to know that there's so many people out there that are really nice and friendly and yeah, its definitely a peak for me."

Rob added by saying that it's kind of "surreal" when you take a step back and realise how many people are watching you and what you do.

With a combined following of over 60,000 people, this just shows the sheer fascination with the industry they're in.  

But the number one high of the job for Rob is the kind of "obscene but amazing situations" he ends up in.


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"You can end up in these really amazing experiences that I don't think you'd ever plan in normal life," explained the Dublin native.

"Brands would be doing these marketing activations and you know, choosing weird and wonderful things and so, when you look back at the situations you've been in, that's really cool."

However, these experiences and opportunities to travel do come with a lot of hard work behind the scenes that people often don't think about and of course, with such a focused lens on their careers, there are "haters" too and they're not afraid to discuss the other side to the industry.

"Haters obviously aren't amazing not that there are that many of them," revealed Rob.

"I kind of did around the whole Bloggers Unveiled time which we won't go back to, it's long in the past.

Adding to the topic, Aoife agreed that haters are unfortunately something every influencer comes across at some time saying:

"Well, I always think that if someone has sent a nasty comment like that well, there's obviously something going on in their own life that is you know, creating that anger within themselves so, I try not to take it personally."


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Lastly, both Aoife and Rob agreed that the pressure to come online can often be really hard, as well as comparing themselves to others in their field but, like any job, they believe that the key to success is finding a balance and time to switch off.

"It's good for us to just take a day or two off as well, just to stay motivated and keep content interesting" explained Aoife.

With Rob adding that it's very important so you don't fall into the mindset of  "I just need to post, what can I post" as you try to compete with fellow bloggers.

"Comparing yourself... like, it just comes with the job. You see how well he's doing and she's doing and you think 'why am I not?' the comparing yourself, it does happen."


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Noting that it's just the nature of the game, both Aoife and Rob show no fear when discussing the reality of the industry and how it's important to take the highs with the lows as well as making sure that above all, you're balancing well.

Speaking on Girls With Goals this week, it's refreshing to hear them speak about their career with such passion and openness.

Listen to Rob Kenny and Aoife Walsh on this week's show below.