Rockshore is looking to kit out some festival-goers with essential bits for a mega weekend 3 years ago

Rockshore is looking to kit out some festival-goers with essential bits for a mega weekend

Brought to you by Rockshore

Seeing your favourite artists perform at your most desired summer festival is incredible.


It does, however, come at a price.

No, we're not talking monetary value here. We're referring to, let's say, your energy reserves. They'll be spent!

Comfort goes out the window entirely and to be honest, plenty of us just wish we could have everything set up for us upon arrival.

Well, festival-goers, Rockshore is going to meet you halfway. Yes, they are going to help provide a few glorious essentials for you and your three mates during the time of your chosen music festival.


They will provide you with Cards Against Humanity (entirely essential for an evening bout of belly laughs), camping chairs (comfort while socialising is indeed key), a Bose speaker (YES!), four beanies, four power banks, a Polaroid camera with two refills, four hoodies, four beanies and four hooded towels.

The fun Polaroid cam has a high-quality lens. It's compact, so it will fit perfectly into a bum bag and it'll provide beautiful, vibrant images even in low light conditions. Although the Bose speaker is ultra-compact it gives a superb sound and dramatic bass to your music. It also has a built-in microphone for calls. Handy.

That's not even all there is to their festival giveaway. To really help in making your weekend a cosy, snug and toasty camping experience there is, Rockshore will also provide four sleeping bags, four blow up mattresses, and four Rockshore rug sacks so you can all lug around your precious camping goods with ease.


It's the little things that have the potential to make your festival experience something truly special folks. So, to be in with a chance to win, simply comment on our Facebook post below!

Brought to you by Rockshore

You need to be over 18 to enter this prize. Please drink Rockshore responsibly. For the next three months, Rockshore will reveal details of a new Mate Escape. To be in with a chance to win, keep an eye on Rockshore social media channels and Check out Rockshore Detour Experience too and visit Rockshore online!