Rudimental DJ Locksmith got in killer shape in 30 days in the Ibiza Challenge 5 years ago

Rudimental DJ Locksmith got in killer shape in 30 days in the Ibiza Challenge

Rudimental have been tearing it up since they burst onto the scene in 2012.

The Hackney drum 'n' bass fourpiece have been on the rampage around Europe to every major club and festival you can name from Barcelona to Blackpool.


Clubs, partying and life on the road must be insane...unless you're trying to get in shape.

Rudimental member DJ Locksmith found this out the hard way giving up the good life to go through 30 days of hell in the Maximuscle Ibiza Challenge which runs until August.

He had one month to get as shredded as possible, hitting the weights, high intensity cardio and giving up some of his favourite cheat foods.

But it's amazing what you can achieve in 30 days. This is how Locksmith did...

JOE: How do you find time to train when you're busy on the road?

DJ Locksmith: It's about being creative with the facilities you've got around you. It's very difficult to find a gym 100% of the time, and that used to be my number one excuse not to train.

But having Maxinutrition behind me and my personal trainer SMPT, he's always thinking of new and creative ways of training - whether it be with just a chair in the room or a step in the middle of a park. So being creative with your surroundings and the lack of facilities that you've got to train with.


Have you got a normal training regime or do you have to be quite flexible. Do you find it tough?

Mentally-wise, no. because I'm always up for new ideas. If you asked me the same questions five years ago I wouldn't have been up for the challenge because I'd have been stuck in my ways.

But once you get past that barrier of changing and trying something new and trying something that might just be a bit weird at first then I feel you can achieve anything. Then it becomes really fun and the challenge excited you and it gives you more motivation.

Is it quite hard to get the meals you need to eat and lock down your daily diet when you're on the road? Do you even have a normal nutrition plan?

No. There's no way I could have a normal nutrition plan, a diet with times on it saying '6-9 you've got to eat this and then 9-10 I've got to do this' it's physically impossible for me. But what you can do is predict and prepare.


You can predict that you'll be in this place at this time and there's this amazing chicken or meat restaurant around the corner. Then once you've got the people around you that can fuel you with that research and those places then you're onto a winner. it's all about doing your research about where you're going to be at a certain time and have those meals ready and prepared for you. It's all about preparation.

Thirty days ago, on day one of the challenge, where and how you start it? How does it compare to now?

My thoughts at the time before that I would not achieve what I wanted to achieve. Not that I would give up, but that I would peak too early because I peak too early. I reward myself with junk food and the ability to go out and drink and be that party musician that people compare you to. That was my biggest worry.

But instead every time I saw a gain, I gained more motivation, That's what I was happy about. But I was really scared that would happen, that two weeks into the challenge I would be looking my best and then it would be downhill from there.


Did you take a photo on day one to compare it? To compare how you were and what you're like now.

That's something actually that I didn't do because I feel if I did do that I would be like 'look how far I've come, surely that's enough?'. But instead I just kept going and kept battling against myself and telling myself that I can do better. That's what kept me going.

What are your favourite foods you had to give up?

Carbs. All types of carbs of all shapes and sizes. Chips. fries. I love them. I could eat them all day. I didn't have to completely give up carbs, I just had to eat the right ones. Funny enough for my body red meat isn't that good, I can't digest it very well. And I love red meat. So it was about getting the lean chicken in and a variety of veg.


Did it become easy and routine after a while?

No - it was fucking difficult. I hated it. I hated it. I couldn't wait for a cheat meal. I had a cheat once a week. It was usually Sunday. I started myself off the first two weekends and I thought I'll eat and drink what I want, then I'll take it out slowly. So for the last two or three weeks I've literally only had Sunday cheat meal. Hopefully it has worked.

What would be the most important for fat loss and building muscle?

It's all about the circuits. My personal trainer, we focused on doing high reps and less breaks - so less recovery time. You start noticing the cardio vascular side of things is worked as well as getting ripped and shredding lots of fat at the same time.

What was your best exercise?

Best exercise for me is pull ups. Pull ups with a 30kg weighted vest.

Was it more difficult in the last 30 days than in the past?

It's been a long slog from day one to day 30. The intensity has only got worse. I pushed myself beyond belief to the point where I'd be vomiting in a bucket and also to a point where I've actually injured myself. That was one of my biggest regrets. You can push yourself and your body too far, you have to listen to your body.

That was another challenge - I did injure myself and how did I get back on the horse and how did I start training again? We had to look at ways to recover from the injury but at the same time keeping the body fit and used to the intensity training we were doing which was very difficult at times.

What tracks would you chose to work out to?

'Boss' - Disclosure

'T-Shirt Weather In The Manor' - Kano

'The Girls (Kungs vs Cookin)' - On 3 Burners

'She Aint' - Julio Bashmore

'All The Way Up' - French Montana

DJ Locksmith was speaking at the launch of MaxiNutrition’s 30-day Ibiza Challenge. To find out more about the body transformation competition and be in with a chance to win a trip of Ibiza, visit