Schoolgirl reduced to tears by teacher after being told remove her fake eyelashes 1 year ago

Schoolgirl reduced to tears by teacher after being told remove her fake eyelashes

She was placed in isolation after breaking the school's uniform rules.

A 14-year-old girl's mother is furious after her daughter was taken out of class because she was wearing fake eyelashes.


Angela Jackson says that a teacher at Royal Wootton Bassett Academy, in Swindon, England, reduced her daughter, Chelsea Silk, to tears after detaining her in the toilets until she took off the false lashes.

Ms Jackson fears that her daughter is missing out on crucial exam preparation after being placed in isolation for breaking the ban on fake eyelashes. The ban is apparently not mentioned in the school's uniform policy.

Chelsea's mother said: "The lashes do not impede my child’s ability to read, write or learn.

"It is absolutely pathetic the school has chosen a path of sanction which leads to exclusion over a set of false eyelashes."


Chelsea Silk with fake eyelashes on Chelsea's mum has said that her daughter will continue to wear the lashes to school.

She added that most girls at the Wiltshire school wear the accessories to "enhance their natural attributes and boost their self-esteem," and has vowed not to back down over the issue, insisting that her daughter will "keep going to school wearing the lashes."

But her protest sparked a backlash on social media, with one user commenting: "Put your big girl pants on. It’s a school not a bloody nightclub."


Another wrote: "School is not a fashion parade. People should follow rules."

And a third posted: "I wouldn't risk my child's education over false eyelashes."

Deputy head Mari Roberts said: "The school is aware the mother does not support us, but we have worked with her to de-escalate the situation. The majority of our parent body support us."