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Scientists have discovered the peanut worm (it looks nothing like a peanut)
New species, ahoy!

We're going to be mature about this.

But also - this just-discovered creature looks exactly like a dick.

Scientists exploring "deep in the Australian abyss," (yes; we lol'd at that too) stumbled across the subsequently-named peanut worm - which we feel surely deserves a more majestic title.

Like the Captain Cook Conquerer of the Seven Seas. Or the Mighty Marine Member of the Deep. Or the Oceanic Wondrous Worminator.

Alas, peanut worm seems to have stuck following an expedition carried out by the talented team from the Museums Victoria, Australia.

They enjoyed a month-long expedition on board research vessel The Investigator.

"Throughout the month of June, they explored one of the most inaccessible and mysterious environments on the planet – a habitat 4,000 metres below the sea known as the eastern abyss," reports


Predictably, Twitter's response has been as adult-like as our own in the aftermath:


In a statement, Dr Tim O'Hara, the voyage's chief scientist, explained with precisely zero sniggering down the back: "Australia's deep sea environment is larger in size than the mainland, and until now, almost nothing was known about life on the abyssal plain.

"We're really excited about the discoveries that we've made and are thrilled that we can now share them with the Australian and international public."

Hear, hear, we say!

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