Scientists have found a very easy way to keep puppies happy 5 years ago

Scientists have found a very easy way to keep puppies happy

You probably do it already.

Whether you have your own pup at home or can't stop yourself from running over to puppies on the street, you probably do the same thing each time.


You more than likely crouch down on your knees and baby talk even more than you would with an actually baby.

''Hello puppy wuppy how are you cutie patootie?'' You might find yourself cringely saying.

But fear not, because it turns out that this is the way you keep puppies happy.


New research, published in Proceedings of The Royal Society B, suggests that puppies love it when they are spoken to in this way, responding in a much more positive manner than when spoken to normally.

This is contrary to grown-up dogs who don't care how you talk to them.

They found that puppies were “reacting more quickly, looking more often at the loudspeaker and approaching it closer and for longer periods” — when they heard people speaking in puppy-voices as compared with the neutral adult human voice. The researchers noted that the puppies were not significantly more responsive to the puppy-voice than they were to the dog-voice.

So if you want to make your puppies happy, just talk to them like the cute little babies they are.