Seeing red for Cork! Here's how to wear those county colours for a free pint of Smithwicks 4 years ago

Seeing red for Cork! Here's how to wear those county colours for a free pint of Smithwicks

Brought to you by Smithwicks

We love a nice, refreshing drink in the summertime.


Nothing is better, we think. We're imagining the sound of clicking glasses now and we already can't wait for the weekend. The only thing better than a refreshing drink in the summertime is a refreshing drink in the summertime that is also free.

We know that all you Corkonian gals out there appreciate a good pint and, whether you're conducting a post-match analysis of the weekend's hurling or football or praising how the rugby lads or ladies played, that pint is often accompanied by a sea of red.

Ah yes, those good old county colours. A source of pride and strength - red IS the colour of power after all.

Smithwicks, like Cork, claims red as its own colour. Like Leesiders themselves, Smithwicks is all about having the craic and enjoying the lighter side of life. They don't try too hard but end up getting things exactly right anyway. They are a strong red ale amongst a sea of yellow lagers, and they stand out from the crowd with the same flair that marks out Ireland's real capital (come at us, Dublin).


For years, Smithwicks has been a favourite drink for people all over Ireland, but especially in Cork – and now they want to give back to you.

This bank holiday weekend, Smithwicks will be giving away free pints all over Cork. All they're asking is that you don those county colours – specifically, in the form of socks.

Grab your shorts, dust off those knee-high red socks that you haven't used since you were 15, and strut on down to your nearest pub. Point the bartender's eyes in the direction of your fabulous footwear and, voilà, a free pint shall be yours.


Or why not be a Rebel legend and put together a groovy outfit from some decade past, sporting a pair of red tights, and that will also get you a lovely pint, free of charge. (The groovy outfit is technically optional, but is it really?)

Just think of that red-on-red of the Smithwicks pint next to your dazzling ruby footwear. Sure who doesn't love a colour-coordinated drink? It's great for the 'gram.

So, go on, ladies! Do your part to turn Cork red this weekend and get yourself a cheeky little tipple while you're at it.

Brought to you by Smithwicks


Offer is available from 6-8pm on Friday 2 - Sunday 4

List of Participating venues:

Reardens / Preachers 
The Wash 
An Brog 
Long Valley
Oyster Tavern 
Oliver Plunkett 
The Shelbourne 
Welcome Inn 
Thomond Bar 
Dan Lowreys
An Bodhran