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Have you seen the coconut crab? It's the stuff of nightmares

No no no NO.

If there is anything I despise, it's large eight legged creepy crawlies. Spiders of any size actually terrify me... so you can imagine my fright when I came across this creature on my feed today.

Introducing the coconut crab. Found on the Indonesian Islands, mainland Australia and Madagascar, this larger than life crab is giving us serious chills.

Just IMAGINE that running towards you. Goodbye.

The coconut crab weighs up to 4 kgs and can grow to 3ft 3inches in length but it only reaches its maximum size after 40 - 60 years.


As unusual and all as they are... I'm still petrified.

To all our fabulous Her readers over in Aus, keep an eye out for these little (not so little) guys roaming around. Agh!


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